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Kelly’s Soap

House LLC

Kelly’s Soap House LLC is here to provide premium-quality body care products that are perfect for people with sensitive skin. We have a wide range of soaps, lotions, scrubs, and lip balm that will help you look and feel gorgeous. We also sell scented wax melts that can help you unwind and relax during your self-care routine.

The oils blend used to make these soap bars are the highest-quality oils we can find and are the best of the best!  This soap feels great in the shower. It is high conditioning, with a thick creamy lather and lots of big bubbles! All of our products are available to customers in California. Place an order today!

Lip Balm

Dry with cracked lips. Here is the solution grab my lip balms and pucker up.

Wax Melts

A wax melt is like a candle but without the wick. Use a tea light to warm the wax melt for a wonderful smell. 

Milk for the bathtub

Milk baths are very gentle and safe. Pour in to a warm bath tube with water and relax.

Bath Crystals

Bath crystal are relaxing and smell great. melt and warm bath water and enjoy.